We are now able to accept the NVA insurance plan! Please call our office or use the online appointment scheduler to make your appointment!

We are happy to accept any vision insurance program that will provide us with information about the benefits and payment. Any insurance that cannot provide proper information will have to be treated as a reimbursement.

We accept most of the most popular vision insurance plans. Please note that it is your responsibility to know who your insurer is. We will be happy to call for verification of eligibility and benefit information, but please understand that eligibility information is not a guarantee of payment and that you are responsible for any amounts not covered by your insurance company.

The companies listed below are some of the ones we deal with most often, but is not a complete list of all insurances we accept.

For specific plan or coverage information, please contact us at (734) 699-1010 and have the plan name and member identification number (this may be the member’s social security number or it may be a unique identification number).